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Neetha Ramesh

I am a mother of two gorgeous children, wife, software developer, table tennis player, passionate running & fitness coach, and founder of happyfit.

Having gone through the challenges of having a corporate career, looking after young children and being time poor, I can attest to the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight and desired fitness levels.

I understand what it takes to attain and maintain one’s fitness goals whilst leading a busy life. I have transformed my health and wellbeing through running and fitness. Now I am helping others start their running journey and taking their running to a next level.

I am an accredited Athletics Victoria recreational running coach. I provide personalized running coaching to clients of all abilities. Collaborating with clients to design and plan programs around their lives and responsibilities, working on motivation, technique, and persistence to enable clients to achieve their fitness objectives.

I am here to help you achieve your fitness goals and get happyfit.!

Athletics Victoria recreational running coach

Provide personalized running coaching to clients of all abilities

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