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Teaching Assistant

I am a regular gym goer, eat healthy and get enough sleep. However, I have always felt that something was missing from my health and wellbeing regimen. The answer was Running, an excellent means of conditioning the cardiovascular system, a highly aerobic activity that utilizes both fatty acids and carbohydrates for energy.

That is where Neetha came in the picture and I must say the journey until now had been interesting and quite intense. I started as an immature runner who could only run for two to three minutes max but within 4 weeks, I am able to run for 25 to 30 minutes straight. This has been a big achievement for me, and I could not do it without Neetha’s guidance.

She is professional in her ways and is also someone who cares as after every session she would either call or message me to ask how I was feeling. Our every session was different from the other as it would lead towards not only increasing the run time but also building the strength and the muscles.

I would suggest anyone who is thinking of changing their unhealthy lifestyle should start training with Neetha as she would not only make you active but also educate about different aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Raj Khetarpal

Career Consultant

Neetha has inspired me to take up running again. When I met her in June 2020, I had not run consistently for 8+ years. In that period, I started running and gave up intermittently on a number of occasions.

Neetha has motivated me to remain on course for 12+ weeks now, in which time my stamina and strength have improved, and I am enjoying running again after a long time.

Neetha’s biggest contribution apart from her the running program and advice has been her follow-ups and check-ins. She genuinely cares and is a very passionate coach. Highly recommended!