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Getting fit need not become another source of stress in an already stressful modern living. happyfit is an endeavour designed to make the process of getting and staying fit enjoyable. We focus on the process and are confident the results will follow. At happyfit, fitness is a way of life.

  • Focus on overall well-being

  • SMART goal setting

  • Family oriented fitness activities and exercise plans

  • Habit tracking

  • New monthly fitness and habit challenges

  • Incidental workouts

  • Nutritional guidance and support

  • Weekly community run


happyfit’s vision is to inspire a healthier and happier community, through fun and engaging exercise.

happyfit’s mission is to promote exercise to be a part of everyday life and enable my clients achieve their health, fitness & wellbeing goals.

Choose Your Programs and Start Your Training

Our Programs

Community running group

Running group, one-hour session

This event is a fund-raising run held at various venues

All ability runners and beginners are welcome

Online training programs

Personalized evaluation and coaching plans

Weekly online catch-up

Monitoring training, reviewing progress and maintaining motivation

1 on 1 coaching

Tailored running program working around your life

Partner 1 on 1 with me during these sessions

Improve the running technique and achieve targets

Group coaching

A small group of friends/ individuals

Running a 5k/10k for the first time/ improve your pace

Support each other and push the limits

Running program for the family

Personalized evaluation and coaching plans

Weekly catch-up and review progress

Achieve goals together as a family unit


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Upcoming Events

Contact Info

Mt. Waverley, Victoria



Availability for private and group coaching

Monday 6am-7am; 10am-2pm

Tuesday 6am-7am; 11am-2pm

Wednesday 6am-7am; 10am-2pm

Please contact me directly for evening session and weekend session requirements.